TheClayPlay is all about  fun & handmade ceramics like: mugs, flags, vases, bowls, wall hangings and all the fun designs we like to make.
We are not partial to any certain type of ceramics. If we are inspired to make a vase, we make a vase. If we are in the mood for making jewelry, we make jewelry. In other words, the clay defines our play.
Everything is handmade and is therefore unique, there are no two alike. Our products bear traces of being handmade, they might be slightly skewed or crooked - but that's part of the charm of owning something completely unique.
We also do: art prints and watercolor paintings. 
Behind the scene is:
Henrik is doing almost everything with technique and webshop.
Annemette is the artist / designer and manage the daily production in the workshop.
Nana is the SoMe / designer